2.22.19- 4pm- Newport Beach – Reserve Your Seat

2.23.19- 2pm- Newport Beach – Reserve Your Seat


We have a seat at our table and are delighted to meet you.

Tastings are held in private homes in California and require a personal referral to request a seat reservation. Sommelier-led tastings begin at $90 per guest. Seatings are capped at twelve guests per tasting.

Caviar Service: During each tasting, there is the opportunity to add an additional caviar course, with accompaniments provided. If you are interested in this service please specify in your reservation notes.
$70 per 1oz serving

Cellar Selections: Should you wish to taste additional wines from our personal cellars, please indicate in your reservation.
Cost varies

Should you request a tasting in your own home or place of work, please inquire within.